Lay Led Summer
Worship Services

Sunday Mornings at 10 AM
(Childcare available.)

August 18 - A Zen Buddhist Perspective on Happiness
David Caruso
In this service Rev. David Shunyo Caruso, a Zen priest, will reflect on the Zen approach to the cessation of suffering and finding happiness and contentment in life.  In an unexpected twist, the result ends up with more questions than answers - and perhaps that's just the key.

August 25 - Annual Laurel Park Service
A Liturgy for Late Summer

Ritual language and observance can hold the parts of life that are hard to experience or even know.  In a world divided by words, how might we find language worthy of our shared humanity -- to connect and console; to hold our sorrow, regret, and fear; to express our gratitude, joy, and wonder?Note: On this date we will congregate at the Laurel Park Association on North King Street in Northampton. See for directions.

September 1 - Annual Poetry Service

Sarah Metcalf
Poems of ancestors, descendents, humans, animals, the corridor at whose end the door stands open.

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