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September 23
Finding the Zone
The Reverend Janet Bush
In the 1920s, Russian psychologist Leo Vygotsky developed a theory of learning using a concept he dubbed the “Zone of Proximal Development.”  These are conditions under which children are most likely to successfully learn something new.  Might this apply to adults as well, and especially to our ability to challenge deeply held beliefs and assumptions? Could it illuminate our struggles to understand and confront systemic racism and white supremacy culture?  How might we find our own “zone?”

September 30
“Isten Egy”
The Reverend Janet Bush
In Hungarian,“God is One.”  On the Sunday when our Transylvanian friends celebrate Thanksgiving, we’ll hear some of the fascinating history of Unitarianism in 16th century Transylvania. We’ll also hear how 21st century Unitarians across the globe have been exploring their commonalities and differences during a year-long commemoration of the 450th anniversary of the revolutionary Edict of Torda. 

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