Dear USNF Community,

Thanks to everyone who has participated in our strategic planning process through interviews, congregation-wide survey, and during the Sheltering Flame Service in January.

Based on all this valuable input, the Strategic Plan has been developed and was approved by the Board of Trustees.  It will be used to guide us in deciding what concrete projects we will undertake.

Click on the links below to see the plan, the results of the interviews, updates and more!

Strategic Plan Update Slide Show  (YouTube)

As shown after the January 25 Sunday Service (be sure to turn up your device's volume)

Also, check out our USNF Timeline to get a sense of our long and wonderful history. This is what our future is built upon!


The USNF Planning Committee:

Kris Holloway-Bidwell
John Holloway-Bidwell
Craig Dreeszen
Dan Felten
Laurie Loisel
Jay Indik