2018 Stewardship Campaign

These extraordinary times call for our UU values and action.

"Love resists - Our values are under assault.  As people of conscience, we declare our commitment to translate our values into action as we stand on the side of love with the most vulnerable among us."

Now is the time to ask ourselves what it would take for us to be able to sustain ourselves spiritually, forge greater connections, and respond to this historical moment with fervor and effective action.

We also need to care for ourselves and each other.  Even as we welcome and provide sanctuary for those in need of shelter or spiritual community, we need respite ourselves.  We need renewal, for the world sorely needs our message of hope and values-in-action.

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Every gift is valued and welcomed. We hope you will feel comfortable giving what you can and that you will seriously and joyfully consider what the Society means to you and your family as you make your commitment. For some assistance in deciding your share, go to either the Heart Pledge Guide, or the Fair Share Pledge Guide.

To submit your pledge, click here.

Mystified about the Giving Campaign process?  Find out more here.