Many committees have prepared a Clarification Document that describes their mission and responsibilities. Click here to download the Clarification Document.

Looking for something that's not here? Check our Groups and Activities page, our Social Action section, or contact the Coordinating Council This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.for help.


This committee works with the Minister to plan courses, study groups, and discussion opportunities for adults on a wide range of topics.


The Auction Committee organizes the annual USNF Service Auction, our second-biggest fund raiser and biggest party of the year. This committee finds donors; manages an auction database; locates the site for auction; coordinates volunteers to arrange for publicity, decorations, live music, menu, beverages; creates/manages a webpage; oversees auction budget and accounting; recruits kitchen, setup, and clean up volunteers.

BIG OL' GAY COMMITTEE (Committee on Gender and Sexual Identities):

The mission of the USNF Big Ol' Gay Committee is to provide a focal point for LGBTIQQA people and our allies, to support one another, to build a better community through education and dialogue, to engage in political action, and to have fun. We meet the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the Social Room. All are welcome to attend, regardless of identity. For more information, follow the link above to the Big Ol' Gay section of the website, check out our events on the BOG page, join us for a meeting or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Find the Big Ol' Gay Committee on Facebook


The Board of Trustees is the main governing body of the Society. It is made up of 10 members elected by the congregation and the minister, ex-officio. Members hold staggered 3-year terms.


The Council is comprised of committee chairs or their representatives to facilitate communication and cooperation among committees. The Council seeks opportunities to further the mission or programming of the Societyand addresses problems that arise in the Society’s operations. Council members provide support and advice for committees and provide a forum for discussion among lay leaders. The Council advises trustees on plans, policies, and the annual budget.


The Finance Committee makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees on financial procedures and policies, including investment management, oversight of endowed funds, planned giving, and fund raising.


This committee looks for new ways to sponsor events that raise money and are fun. We provide help to anyone who would like to set up a fund raising activity, and currently run two small scale events: the MIDNIGHT CAFÉ on New Year's Eve and a UU bed and breakfast program.


The House and Property committee helps maintain our beautiful building and grounds. We work in tandem with the custodian and sponsor two church work parties each year. Meetings are held once a month (on the last Sunday) to review ongoing p rojects, budget, immediate concerns and long range projects. This is an active committee with a wide range of service possibilities! New members are always welcome.


Newcomer Connections provides information for newcomers as they take their first steps into church activity. We coordinate Welcome Team greeters, and offer a Membership Journey class for those interested in becoming members of the Society.


The Personnel Committee serves as a liaison between the Board of Trustees (as the employer) and all staff who are employed by the Society. The committee advises the Board on personnel policy and works on behalf of the trustees to ensure that hiring, job descriptions, benefit packages, evaluations, and exit interviews are performed and administered according to policy.


The RE Council oversees the Religious Education program for children from preschool through high school. In consultation with the Director of Religious Education, the Council selects curricula, recruits, trains, and supports teachers, and plans special events for children.


This is the committee that plans the sessions and all the logistics for the year and take turns writing the actual sessions. Editing the sessions, as a group, is a wonderful creative process. Our meetings follow the format of an SGM session, so we become our own little Small Group. To find out more about participating in Small Group Ministry groups, see our Groups and Activities page.


The Social Justice team coordinates Society-wide activities and events, and helps to keep members informed about issues and social justice efforts in the greater community.  We have groups who cook for and serve at local shelters, we take regular collections for the food pantry, and we have a group working on the Northampton Living Wage campaign.


The Stewardship Committee organizes activities that help build community within the Society and in the larger society outside USNF. We meet year-round, with an essential part of the group's work focusing on the annual pledge drive. See the Stewardship page for more information.


This committee works with volunteers to plan lay-led services for approximately 12 Sundays during the summer months.


The Partner Church Committee maintains the Society's partnership with the Unitarian Church of Homorodkarcsonyfalva, in Transylvania. Its activities include educating the congregation about our Transylvania connections, sending gifts and letters, raising funds to assist our Partner Church, and sponsoring visits.


The committee maintains the Society's website and works in coordination with the Pioneer editor, the office and others. All levels of skill are welcome. All you need is a desire to learn and participate.Contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Worship Committee works with the minister and is responsible for the Society's lay-led worship services. New members are always welcome.

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