Two keyboard instruments reside in the Great Hall at USNF: an organ and a piano. In addition, a harpsichord is often present. A sound system is available for amplifying other instruments. 


The organ at the Unitarian Society is a two-manual instrument of 22 ranks. Originally built in 1904 by J.W. Steere (opus 540; tubular pneumatic action), it was electrified by W.W. Laws and substantially rebuilt by John Wessel of Brattleboro, Vermont, in 1971. It has been maintained and slightly modified by Bill Czelusniak (Czelusniak et Dugal) of Northampton since that time, with new blower and solid-state relays installed in 1986. Its disposition is as follows:




open diapason 8

stopped diapason 8

violoncello 16

melodia 8


bourdon 16

dulcian 8

vox celestis 8

lieblich gedackt 16

vox celestis 8 (sw)

flute harmonique 4

cello 8

octave 4

flute 2

bourdon 8

flute d'amour 4

larigot 1 1/3

stille gedackt 8

fifteenth 2

cornopean 8

flute 4

mixture IV

oboe 8


cornopean 8 (sw)





swell to great 8

swell to swell 16

swell to pedal 4

swell to great 4

swell to swell 4

swell to pedal 8

swell to great 16


great to pedal 8

great to great 4


great to great 16



The piano in the Great Hall is a Steinway Model B. This instrument was built in 1907, rebuilt in the 1940's, and purchased by the Society in 1992. At that time a new action was installed. 


There usually is also a two-manual harpsichord in the Great Hall, which belongs to Gregory Hayes. Completed in 1980, it was designed by Frank Hubbard after an instrument built in 1753 by the French maker Pascal Taskin. It has been modified twice, by Peter Watchorn and recently by Hendrik Broekman.