2019 Stewardship Campaign

Our emerging vision Our trustees and minister have been developing a vision for the next few years that responds to an increasingly uncivil and dangerous world and climate catastrophes. We invite our members and friends to help realize our vision with a generous pledge of financial support.

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Every gift is valued and welcome. We hope you will seriously and joyfully consider what our Unitarian Society means to you and your family as you make your financial commitment. We must grow and sustain our support as shared stewards of our mission and our community of faith.

For assistance in deciding your share, go either to the Heart Pledge Guide or the Fair Share Pledging Guide.

Mystified about the Stewardship Campaign process?  Find out more here.

To submit your pledge, click here.

Our members and friends have been giving more so we could do more. Our members’ generosity allowed our Unitarian Society to make a greater impact. Thank you!

  • We achieved the increased staff capacity we sought in our last campaign. Jessica Harwood, Annie Doran, and Dana Maiben, are making a real difference in worship, RE, community engagement, and outreach 1.
  • 270 volunteers are helping shelter Irida Kakhtiranova in sanctuary from deportation. We are collaborating with many other communities of faith and service organizations.
  • We are helping refugee families, staffing and funding the Interfaith Help Fund, wholly funding a health care worker in Haiti, cooking for the winter shelter, persuaded the City and many businesses to support Blue Water Communities.
  • We divested our investment of fossil fuel funds and balanced our budget ahead of schedule.

  Jessica is Director of Faith Development and Community Engagement, Annie is Youth Director and Special Programs Leader, Dana is Interim Music Director.