We offer a vibrant and active Religious Education program for children and youth.  Religous Education classes and groups, and multigenerational worship, combine with other social and social justice activities throughout the year.  

For the school year 2016-2017 we have care for crawling babies and toddlers, and classroom/group experiences for pre-schoolers through 8th grade at the 10:00 service.  The High School Youth Group has an open entry period for 8 weeks starting mid September.  

To access our online Family Registration Form for your children, crawling babies through 12th grade, please use this backup link for an offsite download (while we are updating our website) 

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You are also welcome to simply drop in during the year!  If you are visiting for the first time, please know that all children are welcome in our RE program on Sunday mornings, or for childcare during the more intimate service gatherings of the summer.  Please check in with the Director of Religious Education or a member of the RE Council before worship begins so that we can properly welcome and accomodate your child.

During the school year, children in RE classes begin Sunday mornings in the Great Hall and after our community greeting, hymns, and story for all ages, leave the Great Hall for smaller age-based groups. Children are always welcome to stay with their parents during the entire service in the Great Hall.  

Parents of infants are invited to keep their children with them in the sanctuary.  A small amount of baby noise reminds us that children are a blessing.  If your child is very restless, feel free to move to the Parlor directly behind the front of the Great Hall. This is a good place to hear the audio-transmitted service while children play.  In addition, our toddler/pre-school accepts children at 6 months and up, or when they are crawling, whichever comes first.

On those Sundays when we have a multigenerational worship service we still provide child care for pre-school children.  Other children enjoy the creativity of these services with their families.    

children participating in MG worshipOur High School Youth Group meets each Sunday afternoon during the regular school year and is open each fall to any interested high school youth.  The group holds an open orientation/exploration process during the first 8 weeks of the year.  After an orientation process, they are asked to commit to the program and the group is closed until the next fall. Learn more about Youth Group.

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