Rainbow and mission statementAs Unitarian Universalists, we view religious learning, spiritual growth, and faith formation as a life long journey, best experienced in community and with a sense of fun and cooperation.

We think of our program as holding three things simultaneously: Community, Covenant, and Curriculum.

Our RE program will be a fun experience for the children as we explore the seven principles we share as Unitarian Universalists and The Tapestry of Faith curriculum in a fun and safe environment with the RE Director, Parent Volunteers, Members of The RE Council and our Pre-School/Toddler Teacher along with High School Youth who are also employees within the program.  If you have a child who is in high school, please let the Director of Religious Education, Lynne Nicole Smith know if they are interested in working with the pre-school teacher to assist in the toddler/preschool classroom on Sunday mornings.

Along with the Tapestry of Faith, value based curriculum that parent volunteers will facilitate with the children which involves story-telling, art activities, cooperative games, music and more...here are a list of activities children will experience in the 2016/2017 RE Program
*Monthly sing-alongs involving music from around the world, instruments and movement!
*Cooperative Art Making Activities (i.e. Creating a Seasonal UU tree, Group Murals, Making a Respect Planet Earth Banner, Turning the basement into a Rainforest come the Spring!)
*Puppetry Programs with UU themes
*Music, Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi for Kids!
*Story-Telling and Dramatic Play
*Outdoor Nature-Based Activities
*Seasonal festivals and carvinals where the children lead games and activities for all to enjoy!
*The Wonder of Endangered Species(video, art and reading activities exploring the awe of our natural world and the importance of protecting animals and the earth)
*Social Justice Projects/Community Service

We like to say that we may hold different beliefs, and approach the unknowable with diverse spiritual and personal practices, but what makes us a faith community is our covenant with one another.  We elect to journey together as a community.  Our congregation is an affirming environment that supports and challenges us in our personal journeys—because successful journeys, while always at their core individual, are rarely accomplished solo.