Rainbow and mission statementAs Unitarian Universalists, we view religious learning, spiritual growth, and faith formation as a life long journey, best experienced in community and with a sense of fun and cooperation.

We think of our program as holding three things simultaneously: Community, Covenant, and Curriculum.

Our RE program will be a fun experience for the children as we explore the seven principles we share as Unitarian Universalists and The Tapestry of Faith curriculum in a fun and safe environment with the RE Director, Parent Volunteers, Members of The RE Council and our Pre-School/Toddler Teacher along with High School Youth who are also employees within the program.  If you have a child who is in high school and they are interested in working with the pre-school teacher to assist in the toddler/preschool classroom on Sunday mornings, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Along with the Tapestry of Faith, value based curriculum that parent volunteers will facilitate with the children which involves story-telling, art activities, cooperative games, music and more...here are a list of activities children will experience in the 2016/2017 RE Program
*Monthly sing-alongs involving music from around the world, instruments and movement!
*Cooperative Art Making Activities (i.e. Creating a Seasonal UU tree, Group Murals, Making a Respect Planet Earth Banner, Turning the basement into a Rainforest come the Spring!)
*Puppetry Programs with UU themes
*Music, Dance, Yoga, Tai Chi for Kids!
*Story-Telling and Dramatic Play
*Outdoor Nature-Based Activities
*Seasonal festivals and carvinals where the children lead games and activities for all to enjoy!
*The Wonder of Endangered Species(video, art and reading activities exploring the awe of our natural world and the importance of protecting animals and the earth)
*Social Justice Projects/Community Service

We like to say that we may hold different beliefs, and approach the unknowable with diverse spiritual and personal practices, but what makes us a faith community is our covenant with one another.  We elect to journey together as a community.  Our congregation is an affirming environment that supports and challenges us in our personal journeys—because successful journeys, while always at their core individual, are rarely accomplished solo.