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Covenant, Community and Curriculum 

Parents and others often ask about our Sunday morning lessons, and we are mindful that what our children learn doesn't simply come out of a book. We talk about Covenant, Community, and Curricula. We believe that the whole congregation, in right relationship, in worship, in social action, and in education, is, in a deeply meaningful way, the way that all of us experience what is meaningful, sacred, and values based.

This understanding of the whole of the community-in-relation as the curricula is not haphazard. There are many particular events, activities, opportunities and classes structured throughout the Religious Education program to support our goals. One of these is the curricula we use on some Sunday mornings.

Another way in which we are intentional about being together is through special activies for all of the children together.  This year we will be doing more singing, and sharing our songs in multi-gen worship services.

RE Classes begin on Sunday, September 17.