BOG Vision Statement

The following vision statement expresses the aims of the Big Ol' Gay Committee of USNF. It was drafted and approved in 2009. 
We will be like a tree with four branches. Rooted in our UU principles and purposes, we hope to grow strong and provide both shade and sustenance.
On one bough grow the congregational branches:
1. Education
The committee will sponsor and create programming (services, adult ed, workshops, etc.) for the congregation which will increase awareness, foster dialogue, and promote understanding of various LGBTIQQA issues. Programs will be designed to speak to people with varying levels of comfort & experience with these issues, and will bring home the idea that concerns of gender and sexual identity affect us all. We will also endeavor to review relevant aspects of the literature, policies, and R.E. courses we use, to explore whether we as a congregation are living up to our goals of right relations and compassion in these matters.
2. Support
The committee will hold events for GLBTIQ people within USNF, to provide opportunities to uphold each other in our struggles and joys, to address specific concerns, (including those of children, parents, and friends of LGBTIQQs) and to party! We hope to ensure that LGBTIQQA members and friends feel comfortable, respected, visible, and heard.
On another bough are the branches which lean out toward the world at large:
3. Outreach
The committee will reach out to the local community and show that we truly are a welcoming congregation. Through events, a consistent web presence, and partnering with schools and organizations, we plan to draw new people in to a place they may not have heard of, but find they love. A special focus will be on young adults, in college or otherwise, who often have a new and acute need for a supportive spiritual home.
4. Activism
The committee will be a force for political witness, generating ideas and organizing actions in which the congregation can participate. We will partner with other organizations, both religious and secular, to expand our impact. We will also be a group to which ideas for queer activism can be brought by interested parties, and we will strive to create an efficient process by which these thoughts can be borne out. Through these activities, we seek to live out our ideals of equity, compassion, and justice for all.