June 2018

It is the time
to set aside all vigil, good or ill,
to loosen the fixed gaze of our attention
as dandelions let seedlings to the wind.

 Wake with the light.
Get up and go about the day and watch
its surfaces that brighten with the sun.
Remark the weight of your hands,
your foot in its sandal,
the lavender’s blue hum.                               From “Sleep in Summer,” by Kerry Hardie


I was tempted to write about summer plans – reading lists, projects, ambitions for the garden, itineraries, reunions with friends. I have those, and I’m sure you do too. Instead, I came upon Kerry Hardie’s poem, which calls me back to the blessings of summer when plans are set aside.

May you find some time, this summer, “to loosen the fixed gaze of your attention, as dandelions let seedlings to the wind.”

May you find time to lie in grass or hammock, letting the heat soak into your bones.

May you find time to let gentle waves hold you,
staring skyward and resting in the glory the heavens tell.

May you find time to give yourself fully to music or story, to the woods or to the city, to laughter and
to the loving companionship of family and friends.

May you find time to be still.

And may you find moments each day to be fully alive, aware, and grateful.

I am blessed and grateful to be your minister.Janets signature

Janet will be away at UU General Assembly June 18-22, on vacation in late July, and otherwise in the office from time to time during the rest of the summer, most regularly on Monday or Tuesday. Please call or email if you would like to meet.