November 2016

“Come ye thankful people, come. Raise a song of harvest home.”

Today it is a beautiful Indian summer day, but I am choosing to look forward. By month-end when Thanksgiving comes, the trees will be bare and the holiday season will be upon us. I have made our reservations to fly to Tennessee, where we will spend the holiday with our son Dan and his family. Our grandson Kaleb, nearly 18 months old, is the adored and gently spoiled ruler of the family fiefdom. I appreciate Facetime, which gives us the chance to see him and his beautiful sisters from a distance. But I am looking forward to giving them all lots of hugs.

Looking forward, what will you be thankful for, wherever you are on Thanksgiving Day? What will you hope for and look forward to, then?

Like many of you, I will be thankful that the election is over. I will hope for healing, and for greater civility in public discourse. I will hope for new beginnings.

I will be thankful for my family – for the young family around the table in Clarkesville, Tennessee, for Booker’s family across the country, for my mother and siblings back here in Massachusetts, for Booker. I will be grateful that Dan, who in January begins his ninth year as a soldier, is home and safe. I will be cautiously hopeful about the year ahead.

I will be thankful that winter is approaching. My roots in New England are centuries deep. I would not want to live in a place without a meaningful change of seasons. I will look forward to the luxury of sitting by the fireplace. I’ll look forward to the beauty of snow falling. I know, too, that winter is not all cozy slippers and wondrous nights. I hope that its challenges won’t be too onerous, and that those for whom it is a burden will find support. There are many organizations in our area that provide help – homeless shelters, food banks, meal programs, fuel assistance programs, and more. I hope we will all be as generous as we can in the season of giving.

And I will be thankful for all of you, for the gifts of time and care you give to the Society and to one another – and for the gift you give in honoring me with your trust and affection as your minister.Janets signature