May 2013

THIS FROM A FEW WEEKS AGO: I was near the ocean, walking across an open field. On either side of the field were the pools that rise up in early spring. The scrub brush beyond was full of birds and the air was loud with spring peepers.





Peep peep peep

Stare at the weeds

At the weeds and wet

Here — or there —

Peep peep peep

Crawl on knees, inch through weeds

Stare and …


I know you're there


In the weeds and wet

Peep peep

But where?

Peep peep peep



Peep peep peep

Peeppeep peep peep peep peep peep

Weeds and wet, just ahead

Peep peep peep

Approach the edge

Stop and stare

No sound now

Nor peep

of peepers

So wait

Stand and stare

Stare and wait

Accept defeat





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