October 2012

How Come I Didn’t Hear About That?

How does communication work with the people in your life? How do you keep track of what’s what and who’s where, and who will be doing what when? How do you keep up with your friends?

We have three people in our house – three adults with different schedules that we attempt to line up occasionally for meals and other occasions. Recently we started sharing calendars. The first step was a paper calendar, on the refrigerator. A short-lived approach. One day my son’s appointments and class schedule appeared on my phone and computer, disorienting me completely. (Who is Bill and why am I meeting him tomorrow at 10? What’s C&E from 2 to 5?) Once I figured out what had happened, I then figured out how to hide the information. I can find it on a need-to-know basis, but it doesn’t have to baffle me when I check to see where I’m supposed to be. As to what my son is doing when he’s not in class? For that, I need to ask him face to face. He ignored my Facebook friend request.

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