December 2012

Celebrating Hilaritas — A Wintry Paradox

ON DECEMBER 2 MY COLLEAGUE AND FRIEND the Reverend Barbara Jamestone will lead us in our special 4PM worship. I hope you will walk or run for Safe Passages with the USNF team in the morning, and join us for worship (holiday festivities for children downstairs) at 4. Barbara writes:

Why bring whimsy to worship? Why would any self respecting adult come to church dressed like an elf wearing earrings that light up, or a green vest and red socks, or a sweater displaying reindeer, Father Christmas, or a partridge in a pear tree?

We’d do that because our children will find it wonderful to see that grownups in their congregation can be trusted to celebrate life with them.

We’d do it because there is an inner child in each of us who doesn’t receive enough nurture from his or her ‘outer’ grownup, too overworked, worried, grieving, lonely, or not in the mood for shared laughter. Because that inner child never tires of lightheartedness.

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