Worship Schedule


May 7
Adult Credo Service
Cathy Lilly and Peg Johnson
A USNF tradition – members of the congregation share their reflections on faith and meaning.

May 14
Practicing Compassion
The Reverend Janet C. Bush
A meditation on caring for and caring with one another

May 21
Annual Meeting Sunday
The Reverend Janet C. Bush
A reminder of our congregation’s history – and a celebration of our future.

May 28
Unexpected Angels
Lawson Wulsin
What role do angels play in our lives?  How do we receive messages from within and from beyond?  Who is looking out for us? Our service will include reflections on loss, and a reading of the names of people who have died in the past year, submitted by those present at the service. 


Cancellation of Sunday Services

In the event that Sunday services need to be cancelled, an announcement will be sent via email and will be posted on the Society's website.  In addition, the office phone message will be updated (by 8:00 AM Sunday morning) and television stations WWLP (Channel 22) and WGGB (Channel 40) will be notified.  It is recommended that you check at least 2 of these sources (e.g., you will not get the recorded phone message if the building is without power).  The decision to cancel services will be made no later than 7:30 AM on the Sunday in question.