This summer we’ll provide several offerings from USNF and guests, as well as an opportunity to experience other UU congregations in cities near our nation's capital.  In addition, there will be at least one special event in August.

July 3rd, 10:30 AM via ZOOM  

All Souls Unitarian Church, Washington DC, Reverend Rob Keithan

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There’s so much suffering and injustice in our world that urgent action is desperately necessary. At the same time, moving too fast makes it more likely that we’re unconsciously replicating some of the oppressive patterns we’re trying to stop. How can we ensure that our work isn’t just transactional, but truly transformational?  

Join Zoom via the All Souls homepage:  

Congregations Participating: All Souls, Arlington, Cedar Lane, Fairfax, River Road, Columbia, Rockville, Sterling, Silver Spring  

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