Board Report January 12, 2021

After approval of the monthly finance report and the minutes of the last meeting, we reviewed the different racial justice activities that are on tap for the coming months at USNF. The centerpiece will be a 30-week self-paced workshop titled “Learning to Lead in Love.” It is designed to help us develop skills on dialoguing across racial and/or political divides. The second Q &A session for those wanting to learn more about this workshop will be held tonight (more info below). Other planned activities are discussing articles from the New York Times 1619 Project; a discussion group about the book Mindful of Race, about mindfulness and meditation as tools to explore our racial identities and address oppression; and another discussion group about the book My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending our Hearts and Bodies.

A large portion of our meeting was used to call many members of our congregation to check in to offer holiday greetings and to see how they are doing during these stressful times. Other members called were warmly thanked for their notable efforts to keep our congregation moving forward over the last year. Janet gave each of us a list of people to call, and then we reported back in general on some of what we heard. Members expressed appreciation at being called, gratitude for the Zoom services and for other ways the USNF has facilitated connections among us, but also reported how fatigued they are with numerous Zoom meetings every day. The Board members all agreed these calls are a great way to connect to members of the Society and we may make this an annual tradition.

Next we started planning the worship service which the Board will lead on January 24. Themes likely to be addressed include balancing leadership with being able to show vulnerability; dealing with loss and change; and rolling with the many uncertainties we are all facing. Stay tuned and be sure to join us January 24.

Submitted by Molly Hale, Trustee