May 2021

Here’s what’s happening at the Board: There was lots to celebrate in April!

A huge and grateful THANK YOU!!! to Amy Wolff of Amy Wolff of Color and Design (located in

Northampton) for her donation of valuable time and expertise to give the parlor, vestibule and offices a fresh new look. It’s the perfect coat for all seasons.




Lemmy’s (Lemuel Gurtowsky) first musical Sunday service hit a high note with the Board and, we hope, with all of you.

Several of our members provided an update on the UUA Widening the Circle of Concern at a national level and how we can begin to leverage this information in our local USNF community. All members and friends are encouraged to explore this pioneering undertaking; read more about it here: Widening the Circle

Janet’s agreement with the congregation provides for her to take sabbatical time, earned at a rate of one month per year. At her request, we approved a 2-3 month sabbatical for her during fiscal year 2022. For context, note that she did not take any time off in the past year.

We have a biannual process to offer feedback to the minister and reflect on the Board’s role as well. We all offered feedback and thoughts on priorities for the next few years, including thoughts on how to approach a ministerial transition when Janet decides to retire.

With the annual meeting coming to a ZOOM near you, we approved the FY2122 budget that will be presented to the congregation for its vote. View the call for the May 23 meeting here.

And finally, we took some time to celebrate Irida’s immigration case reopening and allowing her a safe transition back home with her wonderful family. The Board approved her use of the USNF kitchen for 6 months to help her re-establish her pierogi and food business.