This Sunday, January 15, the Big Ol' Gay Committee will meet in the USNF Parlor to regroup and welcome new participants as we begin to chart a path for this spring and beyond. Come join us to share your ideas, interests and thoughts about what you would like to see BOG do -- and especially anything you're interested in helping to manifest. We're open to any and all ideas! 

Trans* Writing Workshop
sponsored by the Big Ol' Gay Committee
November 8, 2014  ~  1-7pm Social Room

This workshop is for people who identify as belonging under the trans*umbrella (including transsexual, transgender, and other gender-variant individuals).

Led by Nycii Vanderhoff and Tobias K Davis, the Trans* Writing Workshop will begin with a focus on getting new writers started, creativity, and writing. The workshop will include exercises for community building and to get started writing.

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