The Climate Action Group (CAG) meets twice a month to decide what we will do as a group to reduce climate destroying activity. We often join with other congregations and local groups. Actions take many forms, including educating ourselves and our congregation, organizing and carrying out worship services and action campaigns for the congregation, speaking up, advocating for community and/or legislative changes, bearing witness to and illuminating destructive actions, and highlighting existing and envisioned positive paths forward for our community and/or the world.

A primary project of the Climate Action Group is USNF's Decarbonization Pathway. The Decarbonization Pathway will last over the next seven to ten years. We plan to reduce our energy usage through improvements to our building’s envelope, and then replace our use of fossil fuel by acquiring equipment that uses renewable energy sources. As we reduce our energy needs and pivot to renewables we will realize savings in our fuel costs which will help to offset the capital expenses necessary to realize decarbonization.

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To get involved:

All are welcome to join this group. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..