Stewardship Update                           March 23, 2021

Stewardship in a Generous Community

Please join us in a big sigh of gratitude as we celebrate a milestone. In a year when some congregations have struggled to hold it together, we’ve just concluded our most successful stewardship campaign ever.  What a testament to the vitality, love, and commitment of our community!

Pledges as of March 18 total $329,000 from 144 generous families and individuals, members and friends. Trustees expect to offer members a budget that fully funds our programs and operations for our fiscal year 2022 starting in September.  Thank you!

We are so grateful to all who stepped up to agree, “Yes, what we do here matters.  Thank you to everyone who responded with so much generosity. Thanks to our Trustees, Minister, staff, 20 volunteer solicitors, and Stewardship Committee. It does indeed take a village."


As anticipated during the pandemic, 20 of us reduced pledges (down about $15K). Fortunately, 54 households increased their financial support (up $22K) and we gained 10 donors (new $14K). Overall, we have gained about $9,000 total compared to last year. Another dozen members have not yet responded to our appeal (giving $11K last year).

We might speculate why we’re doing so well.  Our Minister, staff, and many volunteers have worked tirelessly to adapt to the lockdown. Our robust social justice programs mobilized us to win elections, fight for racial and immigration justice, and combat climate change. We have gathered in small groups for community, worship, learning, and support. We have a compelling mission and the Trustees had a clear vision this year, “...leading with the needs and continued well-being of our USNF community during these times rife with COVID and escalating racism, division, and devastating climate change.”

We managed a competent campaign.  But credit primarily is due to our congregation’s attitude of generosity. We share our plate collections. We understand that stewardship means taking care of each other, this congregation, and our world. Giving money is just one manifestation of that caring.  We are all stewards of our community.

Stewardship committee: Jon Sass (chair), Trish Allen, Patty Cowden, Craig Dreeszen, Michael Holroyde, Dave Nelson