At USNF, social justice infuses virtually all that we do and take many shapes and forms - education, advocacy, public witness, fundraising, and direct service. We have a number of groups and teams that organize and sponsor activities and events and help to keep members informed about issues and social justice efforts in the greater community. The Hawkins/Majumder Lecture series is a program begun in 2016 that features speakers on important social justice efforts and issues. We show up at demonstrations and rallies, we circulate and sign petitions, and we try to include a "social justice minute" in every worship service. We participate in efforts supporting local immmigrants and refugees, we cook for and serve at local shelters, take regular collections for the food pantry, staff volunteer crews to clean the local bike trail, and make bag lunches for the homeless.

For social action activities that do not have a standing committee, such as those that spring up around specific interests and humanitarian crises, the Coordinating Council serves as a hub. The Council also coordinates our share the plate program, selecting organizations from congregant suggestions to receive half of our Sunday collections. 

Ongoing Social Action Committees and Groups