Over the last two weeks, I had the great pleasure of writing “You are worthy” on tons of gift bags and keychains for kids and families in our community. You arevictoria heath oVhkWq2wLQk unsplash worthy. As I wrote the simple 3 word statement, I thought of the members of our community and imagined their light shining out -- the inherent worth and dignity of each being. 

Our first principle of Unitarian Universalism reminds us to affirm the inherent worth and dignity of all people.  In kid language, we say, Each person is important.  Even when we mess up, even when we feel sad, even when we are utterly overwhelmed, there is light of worth in each of us. For me, this time of COVID has been an especially hard time to remember my own worth and dignity. Have you experienced that?

Peg Johnson shared this passage at a recent RE Council meeting. It’s from a DRE in Florida, Erin Powers:

It’s been said that it’s easier to untangle a string of lights if you plug them in; the brightness of the little bulbs help to guide our fingers through the tangles. It’s no different for people. Connecting with friends, family, therapists, or trusted advisors can shine a little light to help us untangle ourselves, and to help us stretch out to our full potential.

Humans, just like strings of lights, are wired for connection. It’s when we’re wound most tightly that we need the connection most of all. We’re at our best when we are plugged in to each other. We find our true purpose and spark with others, not alone — and it’s in these connections that we shine most brightly.

Here at USNF, we are striving to plug in the lights for folks of all ages, visitors and members. For families, we are offering monthly care packages with activities, service projects, rituals, and hymns to connect to each other at home. In addition to Sunday morning RE classes and youth group, we have created some awesome connections between people of all ages, like an art club, Dungeon & Dragon groups, and Zoom buddies. For parents and caregivers, we are offering workshops on parents as spiritual guides, sexuality educators, and antiracist parenting. I feel like I pointed to the plug and so many people have taken the lead to do the connecting.