Respect is the act of giving attention or showing care for someone or something. Being respectful takes time, awareness, and thoughtfulness. Consider how you show respect to another person - when they are talking, when they are walking by you, when they might need help. Sometimes the best way to show respect is by listening. Simply listening.

respect is one of the greatest expressions of love miguel angel ruiz quoteAnother important aspect of respect is being open to people -- people who are different from you or people who behave differently than you expect. It can be helpful to be curious about others and try to learn more about them.  As a family, practice intentionally showing respect to each other and sharewhat it feels like -- both for the recipient and the respecter. Brainstorm ways to show respect to a variety of people and situations. One example is to participate in donating a meal for Cathedral in the Night.

We also think about respect with regard to our planet. How do we show respect for the environment? This month, as the snow melts (hopefully), we invite you to show respect for the earth by picking up trash in your neighborhood or nearby natural area and starting seeds inside.