Congratulations to our Youth Group for their worship service on "comfort" on March 26! The service was both moving and comforting. In case you missed it, you can watch it here: March 26 Youth Group Service and re-read the sermonettes here: Youth Group Sermonettes.

Four times a year, we offer care packages for families with activities, crafts, community service projects, UU rituals, and discussionCare package with seeds, journals, etc prompts.  The spring care package is available now, at the entrance to the Great Hall and downstairs in the classrooms. This care package offers opportunities for your family to celebrate spring together, enjoy meaningful time outside, and learn more about UUism. You will find a bird box, a magnifying glass, seed starting supplies, and a notebook which you can use as a nature or gardening journal.

The themes for this season are vulnerability, resistance, and creativity. We hope that they will spark some interesting conversations. There are discussion prompts about the themes and ideas for family service projects.

UU congregations everywhere are exploring the Article 2 Proposal, which would change our principles and sources to focus more on values. The package includes a coloring book for families to learn more and consider this proposal - you can also come to our April 2 collaborative art project on April 2!