Big Ol' Mission

The mission of the USNF Big Ol' Gay committee has been to provide a focal point for LGBTIQQ people and our allies to support one another, build a better community through education and dialogue, engage in political action, and have fun.  The committee has not been active for a while.  The Society's Coordinating Council currently sponsors and helps USNF participation in the annual Pride Parade and other events.  New ideas and new leadership will be very welcome. 

Past Big Ol' Projects

  • Email notices of our own BOG events, BOG-sponsored and supported events and other "events of interest" in the wider community. 
  • Participation in Pride events such as:
    • LGBT Coalition of Western Mass's Dyke March 
    • Noho Pride
    • Trans Pride
  • LGBTIQQA-themed workshops 
  • Development and distribution of educational materials about LGBTIQQA topics
  • Improving LGBTIQQA visibility in the USNF community (e.g.  putting up rainbow flags, etc.)
  • LGBTQ worship service led by the Big Ol' Gay Committee
    ["In Our Own Voices" - our 2010 LGBTQ service]