At USNF, social justice infuses virtually all that we do. We have a number of groups and teams that organize and sponsor activities and events and help to keep members informed about issues and social justice efforts in the greater community.  Ad hoc groups often spring up around specific interests and humanitarian crises.  

We show up at demonstrations and rallies, we circulate and sign petitions, and include a "social justice minute" in many of our worship services.  We participate in efforts supporting local immmigrants and refugees, we cook for and serve at local shelters, take regular collections for the food pantry, and staff volunteer crews to clean the local bike trail.  Reading our weekly newsletter and "Sunday Times" announcements that are emailed on Fridays are great ways to learn about our latests efforts and how you can join in.


USNF the Vote works to protect and strengthen democracy.  We work within the congregation, we work in concert with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s “UU THE VOTE” project, and we collaborate with other congregations and groups.  

Voter suppression and other efforts to weaken democracy continue, and we take actions to overcome them, positive steps to make a more perfect union.

In 2020, over 150 congregants wrote postcards & letters and made phone calls – well over 25,000 – to protect and turn out the vote. 

Since the spring of 2022 we’ve run several postcarding campaigns, primarily through the Center for Common Ground’s “Reclaim our Vote” effort   We expect to have mailed 10,000 postcards by the end of October, and we will participate in phone banks as the midterm election grows closer.

We are also ramping up our efforts to support climate-related legislation in Massachusetts and to encourage a YES vote on Question 4, a referendum on maintaining the twice-passed Family and Mobility Act that allows many undocumented immigrants to obtain driver’s licenses 

USNF the Vote uses two google groups, one to share action announcements, the other to participate in on-line discussions. If you want to join one of these groups, or learn more about USNF the Vote, contact the USNF office administrator and ask to be connected to Dave Roitman.

UU the Vote letters


The Climate Action Group meets twice a month to decide what we will do as a group to reduce climate destroying activity. We often join with other congregations and local groups. Actions take many forms, including educating ourselves and our congregation, organizing and carrying out worship services and action campaigns for the congregation, speaking up, advocating for community and/or legislative changes, bearing witness to and illuminating destructive actions, and highlighting existing and envisioned positive paths forward for our community and/or the world. All are welcome to join this group.


We work to support and strengthen the congregation’s commitment to racial justice. In the words of the proposed 8th principle of the UUA, “we affirm and promote journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community”.
We offer a variety of learning opportunities to meet people’s learning styles, and work with other congregations and groups with similar goals. We encourage ourselves and the congregation to face and challenge personal and institutional habits that perpetuate white supremacy, unconscious bias and systemic oppression.

8th Principle Work

For several years, UU congregations across the country have been engaged in learning about and supporting adoption of an 8th principle to be added to the current seven.   The formal proposal is on hold because of an overall review of Section 2 of the UUA bylaws, which is where the principles are found.  Meanwhile many congregations have said, “We believe this is too important and we are not going to wait for the UUA. We will adopt it ourselves.”  As of June, over 215 congregations have already adopted the 8th principle.

The proposed 8th principle states:

“We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association, covenant to affirm and promote: journeying toward spiritual wholeness by working to build a diverse multicultural Beloved Community by our actions that accountably dismantle racism and other oppressions in ourselves and our institutions.”

We are currently working with the wider congregation through its teams and committees to engage in learning about the proposed UUA 8th principle and to examine what we can do to participate in "accountably dismantling" behaviors and systems that sustain oppressions in our congregation and in ourselves.  


The Haiti Support Group was formed in 2010 to support the volunteer medical work of USNF members Doctors Matt Kane and Ann Markes in the Cap Haitien region of northern Haiti. While continuing to fund medical work, in recent years, we have also helped fund educational efforts for impoverished and orphaned children in the region.
Over the years, the congregation has supported our work generously. We conduct a service every two or three years to inform and update members and friends about the work we are doing in Haiti with their support. At each of these services, they have donated thousands of dollars. One year, our youth initiated a bottle drive that led to the purchase of a herd of goats for the northern town of Bode me Limbe. The goats have since multiplied and provided families in several surrounding towns with much needed milk.
Another way we raise funds for our work is through a very successful annual book sale. The book sale will resume once the pandemic is under control. The USNF Haiti Support Group is open to all members and friends interested in supporting the work of fellow Society members as they deliver health care and community support through several programs.

Upcoming social justice events at USNF are listed in the Events section of our website.