Sojourner Truth School Classes

    February 29

    1 and 3 PM - Parlor

Join us for one or both of these two outstanding opportunities to deepen our understanding of, and commitment, to several of our Unitarian Universalist principles/sources of wisdom.  These two workshop series are offered and sponsored by the Sojourner Truth School of Social Change Leadership, whose mission is to build the knowledge and skills of social change activists.  All classes are free.  

1:00 PM:  "Colored Conventions in the 21st Century: Recovering the Black Protest Tradition” (4 sessions) will be facilitated by Sarah Patterson, PhD, Assistant Professor of African American Literature and Culture, UMass and some of her undergraduate scholars.

3:00 PM:  "The Life of the Prophet Mohammed" (2 sessions) will be led by Mirza Yawar Baig, an international voice among Muslims,  (among other areas of expertise).  

Both of these class series will include a mix of historical information, reflections on the relevance to today’s world, and ways in which we can integrate these learnings into our activism and into our personal lives.   

Further details about the presenters, the workshops, dates/times for each of the workshops, registration information and other upcoming Truth School classes can be found in the Truth School catalogs located in the USNF Parlor or on the Sojourner Truth School website