UU the Vote Letter Writing Party

  February 27

  7 PM, Social Rm

USNF has joined the national Unitarian Universalist initiative, “UU the Vote.” Since the 2020 election will have such an impact on the U.S. and beyond, we want to help align the country with Unitarian Principles -- to respect and nurture the Earth and all living things.

One of the key USNF events in the program is our letter-writing campaign. From now until just before the 2020 election, we will be holding letter writing parties where we will customize pre-printed letters to under-represented residents in swing states to help register them to vote. Later in the campaign season, we'll write to progressive voters in swing states to remind them to vote on November 3.

Attendees are asked to please bring 10 letter-size envelopes and 10 first-class Forever stamps if you can. Upcoming letter writing parties have been scheduled for March 4, 12, 18 and 26, all at 7 PM.