Mother Tongue from The Performance Project

Oct. 28, in person. We welcome the vibrant multi-cultural ensemble from The Performance Project. (Tickets required)

"Mother Tongue is inspired by the experiences of First Generation ensemble members, their families and communities who are from Congo/Tanzania, Bhutan/Nepal, South Sudan/Darfur, Holyoke, and Springfield, Massachusetts. The 90-minute performance weaves together movement, music, dance, and stories in Arabic, Swahili, Nepali, and English. The piece incorporates themes of language, culture, identity, diaspora, hypermasculinity, xenophobia, transphobia, racism, the school to prison pipeline and revolution." —The Performance Project

Tickets must be reserved and will be limited to 90, due to our available space. Ticket sales will be handled on The Performance Project’s website. Due to mature subject matter, the event is suggested for age 13 and up.