By Cameron Gray-Lee 

To get into the festive spirit, the Youth Group made a plethora of Christmas Cookies (though Cameron accidentally made brownies instead; it’s an easy mistake to make). This was a fun activity, as all of the youth have firm opinions on the superiority of certain cookies: chocolate chip cookies, german butter cookies, and brown-chocolatey-fudgey-square-shaped cookies.

At the most recent Youth Group meeting, touch groups were conducted, with very thoughtful answers and even more thoughtful questions, invented by Alice Wanamaker, an esteemed question-come-up-with-er (question-comer-up-with? question-come-upper-with?). This led to a very thoughtful discussion from very thoughtful people with very thoughtful, um, thoughts.

Over break, the youths are creating gifts to give to their secret snowflakes (like secret santa). They are working tirelessly, 9-5, sunrise to sunset, 24/7, on the gifts, only stopping now and again to devour appropriate portions of Figgy Pudding. Yum. On the 26th, these gifts will be picked up and delivered by CAR (Cathie-Assisted Removal) to each youth’s secret snowflake. Hooray!