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Do you want to learn more about Unitarian Universalist beliefs, history, and theology? This adult education class will meet once per month to explore what moves you. Each workshop will focus on a different UU theologian and give you an opportunity to reflect on how their beliefs inform your own ideas of faith and spirituality.

  • Dec 29 - Hosea Ballou
  • Jan 26 - William Ellery Channing
  • Feb 23 -  Margaret Fuller
  • March 23 - Sophia Lyon Fahs
  • April 27 - James Luther Adams
  • May 25 -   Thandeka

To sign up, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Learning to Lead in Love: Dialogue Workshop

As of January 25, we have 70 members and friends planning to participate.  There is still time to join us!  Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to register or for more information.


  • Upcoming Meetings: 
    • March 28, 4 pm
    • April 12 5:30 PM and April 25 4PM
  • Participants work at their own pace between February and May/June.
  • One monthly group meeting to share experiences and insights in breakout sessions and the group as a whole.  We will have two or three meetings to accommodate different schedules and pacing.


“One Conversation at a Time” David Campt’s curriculum, Equipping Anti-Racism Allies: Unitarian Universalist Edition, campydraws from the 7 UU Principles and James Luther Adams’ Five Smooth Stones of Religious Liberalism to create a spiritual foundation for this transformative work. Rev. Patty Hanneman, the minister of the UU Congregation of Hillsborough, NC and David’s partner in creating this UU version comments “increasing our capacity for compassionate listening not only promises to move the needle on ending racism in our community, it will also make our community healthier and more resilient. It will deepen our relationships as we live out our values of liberal religious theology.”

The thirty-step curriculum is “a purposefully sequenced series of quick tasks that an individual can do in order to incrementally become more skilled in engaging conversations.” Each lesson (step) includes: Opening Words, Grounding in a UU principle, a Goal, the Doing (explanation, “tasks, reflection” 20 - 25 min), and Closing Words. Individually and together, these steps are part of a spiritual exploration and journey. The skills are transferable to any challenging conversation, such as bridging divides across the political landscape, between radical progressives and liberals, or liberals and conservatives, or Republicans and Democrats. We see this as foundational skill building applicable in the short and long term to our own lives and the congregational life of the Society.

Structure: Hybrid model with the following components:

  • Personal - independent, self-directed work to complete/ reflect on the 30 lessons.
  • Buddy - if desired - to encourage and support learning and processing. Suggested frequency is a minimum of two conversations per month, but each pair decides what will work to keep them connected and motivated as they do their individual work.
  • Group - Monthly group Zoom meetings with breakout rooms to share learnings and challenges. The focus of the monthly groups will be limited to perceptions about race and racism. Participants are welcome to do some of the individual and buddy work on a different focus, such as political differences. We will provide help with this if requested.


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