In 2019, we renewed our congregation’s strategic plan.  Board and Coordinating Council members helped shape its overall vision.  Many members and friends responded to survey questions and participated in listening circles on Community Building, Lay Leadership, Social Justice, Climate Action, and Communication.  Committees and teams considered the input and developed specific goals and ideas for realizing those goals. 

The Board of Trustees voted to accept the plan at its April 2019 meeting, and it will be voted on by the membership at Annual Meeting on May 19.


2020 Plan - Reports

    Single Page Plan Summary

    Board of Trustees Recommended Strategic Plan

   In August, 2018 the Board of Trustees charged a Strategic Planning Committee to oversee strategic planning, ministerial assessment, and board assessment in a comprehensive renewal of our congregation’s strategic plan. The committee consults with and reports to Trustees, Coordinating Council, and members.

Survey reports
    Members and friends responded to a fall 2018 online survey. Read the Full Survey Report, Survey Comments,
and see Survey Questions.


2015-2018 plan 
    This is the 2015-2018 strategic plan and supporting reports, “A Brighter Beacon: USNF Strategic Plan for 2015-2018”.


The USNF Planning Committee:
Kathie Bredin, Chair
The Reverend Janet Bush
Christine Sass
Peg Johnson
Craig Dreeszen