How to Use This Calendar

The USNF Events Calendar lists upcoming USNF and public events in our building, as well as our occasional off-site events, such as the annual picnic. Use it to find out when and where USNF events, both in person and on zoom, are happening.

You can use the small tabs at the top right of the calendar to change your view of the calendar from month to week or agenda (list) view and to print the calendar.

Event locations are included in the title of each event. For example: "Zen Meditation Grp - PR" indicates that the Zen Meditation Group will meet in the parlor. If the title of the event appears to be cut off, click on it to display the full title.

Location abbreviation key: Great Hall (GH) - Parlor (PR) - Social Room (Social Rm) - Lawn (L) - Off-site (OS) - Zoom (ZM)


Planning an event?

This calendar does not show all building use, so it can not be used to schedule events.

Email or call the office to discuss your plans, then when you know a space is available, submit a Building Reservation Request to provide the office with details and your contact information.

For another look at our events, check out our 23-24 Events Spreadsheet.