Dear members and friends

Members of the Board of Trustees and the Pandemic Advisory Group understand that living through this pandemic is hard for all of us. We know there are questions around when and how we will resume in-person worship, and other activities.

We want you to know that, for the foreseeable future, all worship services will continue to be held on-line via Zoom/Youtube. This includes holiday services such as the annual Service of Loss, and Christmas Eve.

As we move forward, please know that the Society's leadership will consider the desires, concerns, safety, and inclusion of all members of the congregation in our decisions. There are many factors involved in resuming in-person services; the advisory group will continue to advise the Board based on recommendations from public health and governmental bodies, and in consultation with the worship team, house and property committee, Janet, Jessica and Lisa, and other relevant groups.

Once we decide in-person worship can resume in some form, we plan to continue with on-line streaming of services as a means of broadening accessibility and widening our circle of participants. We also understand that not all of us will feel comfortable meeting in person for some time to come.

At the October Board meeting, the Trustees approved a set of guidelines proposed by the Pandemic Advisory Group regarding the use of our building; such use will remain limited.  Any USNF groups wanting to hold meetings in the building will need to schedule through our administrator, Lisa Britland, and agree to read and follow the building use guidelines.  Use of the building by non-USNF groups for in-person meetings is discouraged. Presence in the building by individuals for formally structured events (such as a person serving a role in a service or program) will be directed and overseen by USNF staff. The guidelines will be posted on our website.

If you have concerns or questions, please contact Kim Henrichon, President; Laurie Loisel, PAG Chair; or the Reverend Janet Bush. It is our hope you will all be able to find connection and fulfillment through the varied and adapted programs and services we are providing, as we do our best to follow best practices for the safety and health of each and every one of us.

The Board of Trustees

Kim Henrichon – President, Jane Simonds – VP, Katie Bredin – Past President, David Nelson – Treasurer, Mark Glenny - Clerk, Rhys Eppich, Molly Hale, Sara Hunt, Judy Hyde

Pandemic Advisory Group

Laurie Loisel – Chair, The Rev. Janet Bush – Minister, Alan Dorman, Molly Hale, Jessica Harwood – Director of Faith Formation and Community Engagement, Mary Price

Building Use Guidelines during the Pandemic