Unitarian Society Guidance for foods intended for adult functions with respect to common allergens.

The Unitarian Society places no (allergen) restrictions on food ingredients and does not guarantee, nor imply, that all foods at adult functions are free of the common allergens. Indeed, it is very likely that some foods at adult functions will contain some common allergens.

Therefore, adults with food allergies are advised to exercise caution when eating at the Unitarian Society. Similarly, when children with food allergies are brought to adult functions, their adults are expected to oversee what foods their children eat.

The above ideas apply to foods brought to the Unitarian Society (or prepared at the Unitarian Society) for any adult function, such as Sunday coffee hour, pot luck meals, lunches, fund-raiser meals, refreshments, etc.

Event planners, and everyone should be careful not to ever imply that all foods (at adult functions) are free of this or that allergen.

Event planners are also advised that it is an act of friendliness to have some food available for persons with allergies, but this is not meant to be a requirement. Such food should be individually labeled. We have a good history of doing this already. Labels like the following are frequently seen at the Unitarian Society adult functions and are recommended:


Note that the above does not apply to the UU Religious Education (RE) program. The RE does have a “TREE NUT AND PEANUT FREE” policy.

Approved by the Council May 13, 2013