How to make a Legacy Gift to Unitarian Society of Northampton and Florence


For almost 200 years, the Unitarian Society has promoted liberal causes and educated generations of young people who have carried our values into the world. You too can join this group of far-sighted individuals and pay it forward to future generations by arranging for a Legacy Gift, a planned future gift to the USNF, that you set up during your lifetime and that is gifted to the Society upon your death.

There are several ways to make a Legacy Gift:

  • Make a direct provision in one’s will of, either a dollar amount or percentage of your estate, or of property.

  • Designate the USNF as a beneficiary or co-beneficiary on one’s
    • Bank account (checking, savings, money market or CD),
    • Brokerage account,
    • IRAs or other retirement account, or
    • Life insurance.

  • Set up an income annuity through the UUA with the USNF as the recipient of the remaining balance upon one’s death (or the death of two beneficiaries). An income annuity pays you or another person a guaranteed income for your life or a set period of time. There is no cost to set up such an annuity. The payout rates for income increase with age, so the older you are, the more guaranteed income you receive. We can get a quote of the exact terms and benefits of a proposed annuity, before you decide to act.

You are also welcome to make a direct gift to the Society during your lifetime. Some gifts, such as appreciated assets (e.g. Stocks/bonds/mutual funds) or minimum required IRA distributions may give you tax benefits.

While not necessary, it is appreciated if the treasurer of the Society is notified when someone takes some action to designate a legacy gift to the society.

You do not have to be affluent to make a gift to the Society. Every little bit counts. If you want the USNF to be here in the future, financially strong, promoting liberal values, and impacting individuals’ lives as it has impacted your family, please keep the USNF in mind while you are doing your financial planning.

You can contact Cathy Lilly 413-568-8027 or Linda Adams 413-323-9596 to notify us if you have already established a legacy gift or for assistance in sorting through your options.


This article is for your information only. USNF is not a legal, tax or estate advisor. Before making a decision, you should consult your tax advisor or financial planner for information that is specific to your situation.