Committee Reports                                      June 15, 2021
                                                                        Vol. 1, No. 6.3

UU the Vote News

Without the For the People Act (S1), our democracy is in peril: S1 will be up for a Senate vote the week of June 21 and it is likely to fail. Negotiations will follow. Then if S1 doesn’t pass before the summer recess (all of August) it will be TOO LATE in the fall for S1 to stop the impact of OVER 400 voter suppression bills in 48 states! So we need a MASSIVE grass-roots effort to get S1 passed before August 1. Majority Leader Sen. Schumer said it well: “This goes to the core of what America is all about… if our democracy doesn’t work, then we have no hope of solving any of our other problems. We will fight and fight and fight to get S1 passed. Failure is not an option. Too darn much is at stake.”

Phonebanking to pass S1:
This Thursday, June 17, 6-8 PM, we’re joining the Northampton Indivisible Phone Bank, a non-partisan effort sponsored by West Virginians for Democracy and Common Cause.

Sign up here: Click “Show More” for June 17.

Meet with USNF the Vote folks at 5:45 pm at this Zoom link: We’ll help you get ready for the Phone Bank at 6 pm.

Prep: This is optional. But, if you want to learn more about S1 and about the Phone Bank, click this link: Phonebanking Background.

USNF Teach-In on S1:
This Friday, June 18 from 7-8:30 pm there will be a Teach-In on the For the People Act. Here is the Zoom link: We’ll have a brief presentation followed by open discussion. The presentation will be based on this 3-page document: For the People Act Frequently Asked Questions.

All the postcards to NH that USNF the Vote ordered have been spoken for – thank you! People who didn’t get in on this yet or want to send more: The same non-partisan postcards that we’ve been sending Sen. Hassan can be ordered directly from Northampton Indivisible. Sign up here.

Were you not able to attend the June 13 Wheels for Irida house concert featuring Rosemary Caine and her Wilde Irish Band? Watch a recording of it this Sunday, June 20, at 7 PM via the Live From the Sanctuary website ( ALL PROCEEDS will go to “WHEELS FOR IRIDA”. Donations may be sent to the Wheels for Irida GoFundMe site,, or via check payable to Irida Kakhtiranova and mailed to USNF, 220 Main Street, Northampton, MA 01060.

Friends, this is the time of year when I ordinarily begin to actively collect poems that I think I might want to include in the annual poetry service that closes out our summer service schedule on Labor Day Weekend. Usually I begin by choosing a theme that feels important or timely to me, and then I start looking for it everywhere and gathering up every poem that intrigues me. By August I may have 100 poems or more, and I have to begin the painful process of selection. Some poems are too long to read, or too difficult to take in in a single hearing. Some don’t contribute to the arc of the service. There is time to read only about 20, depending on length.

This year I’d like to do something different. I’d like to invite you all to send me poems that are important to you, perhaps especially during this past year. Poems you often think of or can quote from, that reside in your heart. They might be famous or unknown. Harold Bloom, selecting poems for a syllabus or anthology, said he looked for “aesthetic splendor, cognitive power, wisdom, and strangeness.” But we all have our own criteria.

Would you be willing to send me your personal inhabitant poems? I would like to make a service this year that casts a net wider than my own reading. Many thanks.

Sarah Metcalf


This Sunday, the Climate Action Group is hosting a brown bag lunch at Look Park after the flower service. We will be sitting at tables 66a & 66b. Anyone (including CAG members) who would like to attend the lunch meeting, please RVSP to Judy Hyde, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Summer Services and Social Hour - Our summer service leaders and Zoom hosts will offer USNF worship services approximately every other week this summer. We invite you to visit other UU congregations on the other Sundays (suggestions provided), and then join with USNF friends and members for a social hour at 11 AM. We'll start on June 27 with the UUA General Assembly worship service followed by social hour at 11 AM. Please visit the USNF website for the complete schedule of summer services.

Home Stay Hosts Needed - Do you have a guest bedroom and are willing to host a single person or a couple for 1-3 nights and provide them with breakfast? Guests pay $70/night/one person and $80/night/couple which is then donated to the Society. Current requests are from artists who will be participating in the Paradise City Arts Festival in October. Please contact Gil Billings for further information.

Join us for the "Great Humanity Pod Challenge" for Northampton's Houseless Population! Humanity Pods are a bicycle-pulled camper pod which serves as a secure and cozy place to sleep, relax, cook and eat meals, and store possessions. Form a team and help us reach our goal of building 20 pods for 2021. Complete info can be found at