USNF Community Cares Network


One beacon of hope in this time is the love and care we have for one another. Here’s a practical way we can care for and offer care to one another. If you HAVE A NEED for any of the following, or if you CAN HELP with any of the following, or both, read on: 

  • Shopping and delivery of food 
  • Pharmacy pick-up and delivery 
  • A specific essential item someone might need (radio, old laptop, etc)
  • Financial help (contact Janet or the office directly)

 Here’s how it works: 

 Let us know WHAT YOU NEED AND/ OR WHAT HELP YOU CAN OFFER, by doing one of the following: Email a note to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., with the following information: 

 Your full name  

  • Phone number 
  • Email address 
  • Town you live in  
  • IF REQUESTING HELP: What you need, and when  
  • IF OFFERING HELP: What you can do 
  • Any other info you’d like us to have

 Call the USNF office 413-584-1390 x 201 and leave a message for the Community Care team. You’ll get a call back as soon as possible.

 If you have a need for financial assistance, email or call Janet. All online plate donations going forward will be allocated between community organizations offering support and our own Minister’s Help Fund. Donations can also be made mailing in a check. Please note that it’s for emergency help in the memo line.

 The Community Care team will reach out directly to requesters and helpers, to coordinate. NOTE: Specific information about requests and offers will be kept strictly confidential.

 If you know of anyone among our USNF members and friends who doesn’t have email access while at home, or who might not see this message, please call them to see if they need anything and/or can offer anything.

 For requests that involve tangible goods, both requesters and volunteers will be asked to follow clear, simple guidelines for the protection of everybody involved. Although there is no way in this environment for any transaction of goods to be completely risk-free, it is critical that everybody involved commit to best practices for safety.

 EVERYONE, please NOTE: If you are in a high-risk category as determined by the CDC, based on your age or medical condition, we hope you are taking extra precautions to avoid exposure as much as possible, and will ask for help.