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USNF the Vote works to protect and strengthen democracy.  We work within the congregation, we work in concert with the Unitarian Universalist Association’s UU the Vote project, and we collaborate with other congregations and groups.

Voter suppression and other efforts to weaken democracy continue, and we take actions to overcome them, positive steps to make a more perfect union. In both 2020 and, over 150 congregants wrote postcards & letters and made phone calls – over 25,000 each year – to protect and turn out the vote. We regularly run postcarding campaigns, primarily through the Center for Common Ground’s “Reclaim our Vote” effort (https://www.centerforcommonground.org).

To get involved:

USNF the Vote uses two Google groups: one to share action announcements, the other to participate in on-line discussions. If you want to join one of these groups, or learn more about USNF the Vote, contact the USNF office administrator and ask to be connected to Dave Roitman.

USNF the Vote News and Updates