February 2019

What is the future you’d like to see? For yourself, your family, our congregation, our community? For the nation? The planet? How could you help to bring it into being?

Some people object to the term “strategic planning.” Some say the process itself is bureaucratic, or even irrelevant. It can, however, be an opportunity to step back and be mindful – to celebrate our accomplishments and faithfulness to our mission, and to recommit to building a future we’d like to see.

So we’ll keep on with it, by reviewing our priorities and by paying attention to upcoming changes – ones we can anticipate and ones we can merely guess at. We’ll keep asking ourselves what we might want to do differently, and we’ll set some goals. The Board of Trustees and planning team have begun to digest the responses to the planning survey. Listening circles are underway. You can read some of the details in this month’s Board report.

We proposed a vision as a way to frame our process. We hope:
o To be a congregation that nurtures the light within each of us, and sustains hope and resilience;
o To cultivate openness to new ideas and voices;
o To offer welcome, respite and renewal, fueling courage and strength to work together for justice and the protection of our planet;
o To be a place where many find spiritual home.

February is often a dreary and depressing month, a time when winter seems to drag on and our spirits drag with it. We have an antidote! This February, led by Jessica Harwood and some volunteers, we will be making a “21st century window.” Our window will be a community art project consisting of individual panes, made of transparencies and other art supplies. Each pane will depict something about the future each one of us would like to see. Joined together, they will make a beautiful and luminous mosaic, representing our dreams, our hopes, and our commitments.

Art supplies for the project will be available in the social room on Sundays from 11:00-12:30. We hope everyone will want to make a pane for our window – either alone or with a partner. I’m looking forward to what we will dream and build. And blessed to be dreaming and building with you.Janets signature