June 2020

“No One Knows What’s Going to Happen.” That’s the giant headline filling two-thirds of the page of last Sunday’s NYTimes “Sunday Review” section. It opens to articles about Covid-19, the longest one about how summer weather might or might not affect the continuing pandemic.

“Summer will be warmer. It will get colder again in the fall, and colder still as winter arrives.” So far, so good. Those seem like reasonable predictions. “The warm weather may slow the rate of infection in some places, in others not. The cold weather may cause a new surge.“

What do you think is going to happen? Over and over, as this has gone on, I have heard myself saying “nobody knows.” We do know that, as individuals, we have different sources of information, different experiences, and different assessments of our own, personal risk. And we need to be guided by the best recommendations our health professionals are able to make.

I panicked for a few hours on May 18 when I read the state’s new guidelines for religious communities. “Open at your own peril, and at the peril of the people in your pews. Manage your worship services under the same procedures required of supermarkets, from entry/exit to distancing to unidirectional aisles.” (It’s in very fine print.) Fortunately for me, the Board of Trustees was meeting that night. No one thought we should open.

Summer worship services will be online-only through Labor Day weekend. We have a full set of service leaders for all but June 28, when we have decided to invite everyone to attend the UU General Assembly worship – online. We’ll have social hour afterwards – online.

And what about the fall? What if things get much better quickly? Nobody knows. We will go forward. We will start to plan, as if….

I, the staff, and the congregation’s leadership are committed to serving all of our members, friends, and people from the broader community who are finding their way to us through our online presence. We will see each other this summer. We are in this together. That I know.

I am blessed and grateful to be your minister,Janets signature