March 2021


Here on the altar of alteration
on the aisle of isle
banned by the band, bandied
in the banter. Emergent now as touch—
the hand a jam of path formation,
i.e., a standing ovation, i.e. stadium wave.
The animal brain, no I mean ecosystem,
no, stock market crash
learns to adapt. We understand the goose
not the V formation. The fish
not the shoal. Here in the reign of
uncertain rain
we skate, above the sum of our somes,
two of I to lie beside slight sleights.
We open the accident in vain
but no matter. These veins are fertile:
the swamp we swam—
a filthy evolution, I mean revolution,
no, I mean love.          

                           ~ Melissa Studdard

March: What is emerging? Urgently, the House of Representatives in Washington is about to consider HR1/SR1, a bill that is critical to the future of democracy and the outcome of future elections through protecting voter rights. I hope many of you will join in efforts to support the bill’s passage.

March: Mid-month we will move the clocks forward, and again will be able to eat supper while the sun is still up. Soon the days will be longer than the nights. Spring will officially arrive.

March is an anniversary month, on the pandemic calendar. One year of forced or self-imposed sequestration. One year of collective stress, anxiety and trauma, of lives ended or upended. Our animal brains and bodies have learned, somewhat, to adapt. And we have been changed.

Some of us have now been vaccinated, although we know it will take months to reach everyone who wants to receive the vaccine. Gathering restrictions are slowly being relaxed, although we know that many will still be cautious, and we know that caution is warranted. We are watching, waiting, and taking comfort and joy in the growing light, in our slow emergence.

We invite you to send in a picture and/or a haiku or other short poem about that emergence or renewal, to share with others in our worship service on March 21.

I’m grateful to be part of all the ways we are supporting one another and doing our best for the greater good. And I am grateful that the promise of spring is giving me a reason to smile. Janets signature