December 2020

“Enter, rejoice and come in!” What does that mean to you? Welcome, certainly.  Maybe an invitation to come in and get warm?  It’s a perfect line for a cold holiday season.

“Open your hearts, everyone.” We are called, this season, to open our hearts. Opening our hearts means being kind to one another. Opening our hearts means laughing and listening and letting each other see our tears.

“Don’t be afraid of some change.” Many of us look forward to changes in the new year. We look forward with hope for good news for Irida and her family, as perhaps immigration policy will shift. With hope for efforts to begin to mend the divisions among us, and hope for renewed attention to action on climate change and racial justice.

Rejoicing this season will be tinged with sadness, as we substitute screentime for real gatherings, for handshakes and hugs. Our open hearts will remind us that we carry our worries and sorrows closer to the surface – nine months after the pandemic hit home.

As for more change – beginning in January, we’ll experiment with moving the monthly newsletter to weekly installments. At a recent combined meeting of the Coordinating Council and Board of Trustees, there was broad consensus that it's time to try a new format under a new name.

“Open your ears to the song.” This is a season of beautiful music, and a time of year when many of us especially love to sing together. Sing! Let’s still lift our voices – feeling the presence of others despite being physically apart.

We will have many opportunities to gather, celebrate and provide support for one another – by phone or online – in the months ahead. I wish you all moments of peace and contentment this December, as we bid farewell to 2020 and prepare to greet the new year singing, “Enter, rejoice and come in!”

It is my joy and honor to be your minister.    Janets signature