March Worship - Sunday Services at 10 AM
All will take place via Zoom and/or on Youtube
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March 7
Loved Into Being - Stewardship Celebration
UUA Clergy and Staff
Join our stewardship team to celebrate and appreciate the generosity we have shown during our stewardship campaign.  We’ll experience a service featuring a sermon by UUA President Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray, as well as vibrant music and storytelling.  

March 14
A Stairway to Heaven
The Reverend Janet C. Bush
Further musings on stories from long ago, featuring dreams, visions, and sibling rivalry.

March 21
Emergence! - A Service for All Ages
The Reverend Janet C. Bush and Jessica Harwood
Join us as we welcome spring with a puppet play crafted by children in our younger religious education class, along with songs, reflections and stories.  

March 28
“Who Am I?”
The Reverend Janet C. Bush
“Who am I?” asks Moses, “that I should go to Pharaoh and free the Israelites?”   A reflection for leaders, followers and everyone who believes they are neither or both.

 Cancellation of Sunday Services
 In the event that Sunday services need to be cancelled, an announcement will be sent via email and will be posted on the Society's website.  In addition, the office phone message will be updated (by 8:00 AM Sunday morning) and television stations WWLP (Channel 22) and WGGB (Channel 40) will be notified.  It is recommended that you check at least 2 of these sources (e.g., you will not get the recorded phone message if the building is without power).  The decision to cancel services will be made no later than 7:30 AM on the Sunday in question.